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Insight, feeling, prediction

Art is a powerful means of reflecting consciousness. Artists, sculptors, writers, musicians, in a word — visionaries are able to predict the future and reflect it in their art.

We help artists find sources of inspiration and opportunities for self-expression, encourage collectors to manifest their values through art objects, keep art professionals and art appreciators up-to-date with the latest tendencies of the art world.

ArtVisioner is about art of seeing new meanings and finding ways to express them.

We offer

Art consulting

We’ll give your space a new sense of relevance and create a unique atmosphere of your event with help of art objects

ArtVisioner Club

Special conditions for art purchases, access to private events, concerts, lectures and exhibition tours

InVision special project

We’ll help choose and integrate art into private spaces and public zones

Artist promotion

We’ll help expand your audience, set up a presentation, exhibition, public talk or a meeting with art collectors

Creative collaboration

We’ll find common ground between art and business, carry out a project at the intersection of art, architecture and technology


Creating environment for interaction and cooperation of all participants of the art market

ArtVisioner Foundation

ArtVisioner presents: ArtVisioner Foundation, a fund to support projects in the field of contemporary art.

The Foundation interacts with contemporary Russian artists and arts unions, provides support in the integration of art objects into the urban environment, into government and commercial development projects.

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