Second video from "Don't Miss the Art" series

On May 17, as part of the Art&Smart Film Festival, ArtVisioner Foundation presented the new video from the series “Don’t Miss the Art” at the Documentary Film Center.

Immersing the viewer in a dreamy atmosphere in just a few seconds, the video shows a fantastic space, inhabited by mermaids and other mythical creatures. Objects and artifacts reminiscent of precious stones are attracted to the house, flowing in a magical stream and illuminating it from the inside. According to the authors’ idea, in the same way art is attracted to us and fills us, revealing the beauty and magic of the world.

Just like the first video from “Don’t Miss the Art” series, this one was created by the talented team of young director Ilya Polyakov and animated by artist Nadezhda Stepanova. Sound designer is Alexander Maslyuk, whose portfolio includes campaigns for big innternational brands.

The first video from “Don’t Miss the Art” series was presented by the ArtVisioner Foundation in December 2021 and is available on the NFT platform The Wall Global.


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