Graduate of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy), in 2003 Amova founded her own jewelry brand AMOVA Jewelry.

Unable to imagine her life without art, alongside designing jewelry, she created oil paintings, art objects and sculptures.

The main source of inspiration for Svetlana is natural forms — botanics, floristics, floral elements as well as natural materials — sand, clay, water. Thus she developed interest in plastic forms, plaster and concrete.

The artist is fascinated by the flow of energies in nature and human, interaction of stones and metals and their impact on those who possess them. When working with jewelry, a lot of attention is paid to creating a form, working with proportions and color.

Her Interest in the elements of human shape and the nature of energy has translated into a collection of sculpture Strength (Strength). ‘Fist of Strength’ and ‘Foot of Strength’ created in 2020.

Since 2012 the artist has been living and working in Madrid and Moscow. Her paintings were exhibited at the Marbella ArtFair in 2019, and can be found on

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