Space-futurism based on the ideas of Russian cosmicists is at the core of my artistic activity. Russian cosmicism includes various directions related to the development of the entire space of the universe by mankind, both literally — the spread of human life in space, and figuratively — overcoming space-related illiteracy, that is, developing an understanding of how space works, and using this understanding for the benefit of humankind.

In 2004, Konovalov took part in the exhibition of the Moscow House of Photography ‘Silver Camera 2004’. In 2010-2012 he was a leading photojournalist for the Mainpeople web project, in 2012-2013 — head of photography department.

In 2012–2013 Roman brought to life a successful large-scale creative project “Man. Bike. City”. In 2013, photographs were shown at the first Russian festival, in the Muzeon Park of Arts in Moscow. In 2014, a personal photo exhibition was organized as part of the Bicycle Film Festival 2014 at the Flakon Design Factory.

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