Artem Muntian. «The return»

Artem Muntian is a Russian-Moldovan artist. In his project he turns to his roots, to the history of his ancestors, who experienced multiple hardships during their lifetime.

“Moldavia gave birth to me, while Russia brought me up (please don’t confuse with Soviet culture).
I am the reflection of my ancestor’s story. I’m reflecting on their destiny and see that it was not easy, they had to face a lot of complicated situations, leaving wounds in their souls.
When left unaddressed, these wounds will show in future generations. I can see this in my relatives by blood and by soul. They destroy the person’s integrity, memory of the past and the ancestors. I depict destinies of my ancestors through healing these wounds, hoping that through reflecting on the past you can change the future”.

These are not just paintings, not just sculptures, these are dimensional live objects. They have a front and back side. They are supposed to be viewed from both sides.

«The fate of my godmother» 2021
Dropper, holder, methylene blue solution, oil, bandage, cotton wool, cloth
100/100 сm

«Portrait of three brothers» 2021
Acrylic, bandage, cotton
80/70 cm

«Portrait of my mother’s sister» 2021
plaster, wire, iodine
80/70 cm

«The fate of cousin M» 2021
plaster, coal, bandage, branches
100/100 cm

«Portrait of my godfather» 2021
linen, bandage, cotton wool, olive oil
80/70 cm

«Portrait of my father’s sister» 2021
plaster, linen, thread, hair
90/80 cm

«Portrait of my mother’s grandfather» 2021
plaster, linen, thread, felt, olive oil, charcoal
90/80 cm

«The fate of my father’s mother» 2021
Plaster, linen, wire, olive oil, charcoal, acrylic, oil
100/100 cm

«Self-portrait» 2021
Plaster, linen, honey, wax, goatskin
90/80 cm

«The fate of my father’s brother» 2021
Zelyonka, plaster, linen, coal
90/80 cm

«Portrait of my grandmother’s mother» 2021
Iodine, plaster, bandage, adhesive patch, plaster, olive oil, charcoal
90/80 cm

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