May 17-21. Art & Smart Film festival in Moscow

From May 17 to May 21, the ArtVisioner Foundation for supporting projects in the field of contemporary art, and the Documentary Film Center will hold a series of special screenings of films about Art&Smart artists and collectors.

The stories of iconic artists will be told in the genre of documentaries, creating an atmosphere of sincere dialogue with the narrator and an almost personal acquaintance with the heroes of the movies.

Revealing the phenomenon of personalities, films at the same time immerse the viewer in the cultural context of the era in which the artists lived and worked.

The film “Pepperstein Surreality Show” (2021) directed by Yevgeny Mitta will open the festival. The picture will tell about the life and work of one of the most famous contemporary artists, the creator of the “psychedelic realism” movement. Pavel Pepperstein will remember his childhood in the circle of Moscow conceptualists, friends of his father Viktor Pivovarov, the raves of the 1990s, and his original graphics will come to life on the big screen thanks to animation.

Other films about artists will give viewers the opportunity to reflect on the role of Hulo Sooster in Soviet unofficial art and try to understand the essence of the relationship of the Czech artist Barbora Kisilkova with the man who stole her work.

The festival celebrates the special role of collectors in the history of art with two films: about the dramatic history of the largest collector of the Russian avant-garde Nikolai Khardzhiev and the magic of Rembrandt’s painting, which still captivates art collectors around the world.

Each show will be accompanied by a meeting with authors, artists and experts.

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