April 13, Moscow. Participation in the forum of the fair “ART MOSCOW” in Gostiny Dvor

On April 13, Gostiny Dvor hosted the ART MOSCOW forum, organized jointly by the Association of Galleries and the ART MOSCOW fair, where art industry professionals for the first time discussed the prospects for market development in the new crisis.
The Forum included four discussions on the general prospects of the art market, the potential of art associations, NFTs, art blogging and the media.

From 12:30 to 19:30 market professionals answered main questions facing the Russian art community.

Ekaterina Charkina, founder of the ArtVisioner contemporary art support fund, took part in one of the Forum discussions: “NFT: is there life after the hype?”.

Crypto art is one of the priorities of the ArtVisioner Foundation for Contemporary Art. In December 2021, ArtVisioner released its first NFT on The Wall Global platform – the video “Don’t Miss the art”, created by director Ilya Polyakov and artist Nadezhda Stepanova especially for the foundation.

Crypto art has rapidly burst into the art world and is not going to slow down. The world’s largest museums hold exhibitions in the NFT format, online galleries offer tokens, and auction houses sell digital works for millions of dollars. In Russia, more and more participants in the art environment are looking at digital art and starting to work with it.

As part of the discussion, leading representatives of the Russian art market discussed the prospects for the development of NFTs in Russia and the world, pricing, collecting crypto art and other topical issues.

A full report on the forum and a recording of the broadcast of discussions can be seen on the website of the Association of Galleries.

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