Art 5-o’clock tea by ArtVisioner at The Space Point

On October 27, ArtVisioner has presented works by artists Anastasiya Markovskaya, Lyubov Fomicheva и Svetlana Amova at the new art-space The Space Point at Art 5-o’clock tea event.

The Space Point is a new art and design space for exhibitions, lectures and master classes, located at Presnensky val, 21, aimed at uniting art and design professionals.

The exhibition featured artworks by ArtVisioner artists – suprematic realism by Anastasiya Markovskaya from the series SupremePower and «Botanics», FOMArt project by artist Lyubov Fomicheva and a few sculptures by Svetlana Amova.

The show was followed by a lecture by an art historian, interior design and contemporary art tendencies specialist, professor of the International School of Design Galina Pavlova «The legacy of Sots Art in contemporary art and design.» The event was attended by interior designers and decorators, stylists and editors of interior publications, artists and art collectors.

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